Shed the Summer Weight Through Targeted Nutrition and Fitness Methods

Learn a proven strategy to lose weight and get in shape without feeling massively restricted

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Learn a Proven Method to Lose Weight and Get in Shape, Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Summer is coming to a close. You probably spent the majority of it eating and drinking more than you expected, and it's catching up to you.

Summer can be exhausting. People want to have you over for dinner and drinks, kids want your constant attention, and you are getting very little sleep because you want to fit everything into a 2 month span.

When your attention is pulled in all these different directions, then something usually has to give. More often than not, it is our food and exercise habits that get left in the dust.

Now that kids are going back to school and the weather will be turning soon, you can rebuild your health habits and get back on track.

For the next month, let's focus on YOU and optimizing how you feel. Let's do a bootcamp together to get your nutrition on point and start exercising consistently once again.

September Slimdown

5 Weeks to Rebuild Nutrition and Fitness Habits

Using the exact same method I used to lose 15lbs in the last 3 months, over the next 5 weeks we'll focus on making nutrition changes and being consistent with exercise to build lasting health habits. The 5 weeks will be intense, but won't feel overwhelming once you are in your rhythm. After that, you'll notice that you aren't starving all the time and still are maintaining your healthy habits.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

These are the exact same steps I use when I want to lose weight and get in shape.

Food Plan

Learn the exact amounts of food you should be consuming to help you lose weight or reach your goals

Exercise Plan

Exercise plan to increase your movement each day, build lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat

Reclaim Your Energy

Being consistent with the program will give you more energy to do your favorite activities

Maintenance Schedule

Learn how to make adjustments to continue losing weight, maintain, or even gain muscle mass

What's In the Course

This course will be over the period of 5 weeks


Week 1: Prep Week (Sept 5-11)

This is where you'll begin to prepare for the 4 week slimdown period. Learn what supplies you need, how to track your food, and what exercise plan to follow.


Week 2: Carb Control and Exercise Week (Sept 12-18)

Arguably the toughest week of any program, this is where your foundations of healthy habits begin. This is where you figure out how to manage your foods, learn macronutrients of the foods you consume, and try to build an exercise routine. After this week, things get much easier.


Week 3: Digestion Education and Cardio Benefits (Sept 19-25

After the slimdown period begins, each week will focus on learning about your body more, and recognizing when your body is telling you something is 'off'. We'll be covering your digestive system, and why cardio is beneficial for heart health and weight loss.


Week 4: Stress Management and Muscle Recovery (Sept 26- Oct 2)

Now that you've had time to integrate healthy habits into your routine, we'll cover how to manage stressful times of life and how to stay on track. We'll also cover how to reduce injury so you can continue to move freely.


Week 5: Maintenance and Long Term Habits (Oct 3-9

Where most programs get it wrong is teaching how to add their process into real life and make it easy for the long term. This week we'll cover how to incorporate what you've learned into real life, and how to stay focused or return to the process in the future if needed.

About Your Coach,

Bryan Carroll

Bryan Carroll is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

Here’s what people are saying about Bryan Carroll

Jessica Ghioni


Got Me Running Again

I was introduced to Bryan as someone that could help me get back to running again after a knee injury. While working with him I would talk to him about my many health problems and that I struggled to loose weight even if I worked out twice a day. Bryan was able to pin point a few of my symptoms by listening and doing a full exam, and creating a program designed for my injuries!

Soo Borson

MD, Professor Emerita- UW

Worked With My Limitations to Keep Me Moving

I’ve worked with a few trainers – they’ve all been good. But more than any other trainer I’ve known, Bryan constantly broadens and updates his knowledge and skills so he can create a balanced, individualized program for improving fitness and health. As a physician, I particularly appreciate his meticulous attention to functional anatomy and his ability to integrate feedback effectively and bring his best to his clients. His open personality and high level of professionalism inspire complete trust.

Bud Smith

Branch Manager

Over weight. Sore knees. High blood pressure.

My knee pain has been reduced significantly. Blood pressure is well within norms. Walking up and down stairs is now painless whereas before it was quite painful.

I finally had to admit that I don’t possess the will power to push myself and hold myself accountable. Hiring a personal trainer has done that. I’ve also learned so many new and creative exercises that I really enjoy. I look forward to Bryan’s visit every week. With family and work being able to workout at home is another huge plus.

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Course Enrollments close on August 28th at Noon PST

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If you are not satisfied with this program, we will gladly give you your money back. We want you to have an easy access to getting started on your health journey, so even if the program doesn't work for you, hopefully it helped you to at least get moving in the right direction. I do ask that you put your full effort into the program though. Only going partway in will not yield the results you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Intense Will This Program Be?

Intensity is different for each person. It will be highly recommended to track your food, monitor your activity level (such as an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or Garmin), and put in 30 minutes of exercise 4 days per week.

I Hate (Insert Exercise Here), Can I Still Do This Program?

The beauty about movement is there is no right or wrong way to move, as long as you are consistent. If there are exercises or activities you don't like to do, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Does This Have a Full Exercise Plan?

There is a 4 week exercise plan built into the program, plus I will teach you how to create your own exercise plan or workouts so you can make up your own.

Who Shouldn't Do This Program?

If you really struggle to make changes in your life, then this probably won't be easy for you unless you are ready to make changes.

Also there is some tech involved if you are tracking your food, but I've had 80+ year old's do it and were fine.

Will This Come With a Full Meal Plan?

No, it is too hard to build out an entire meal plan that everyone will enjoy. There will be recipes that you can get inspiration from though. What I will do is teach you what macronutrients to be looking for, and you can use your favorite foods to get there. This is why tracking food is so powerful as well.

Summit For Wellness

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