Exercise Programs

These exercise programs are available for single purchase. If you join the Membership, then you will receive discounted access to all of our programs!

28 Days to a Fitter You

Non-Member: $27

Member: FREE

Spend the next 28 days getting into shape from the comfort of your home. These workouts don't require much time out of your day, but will get you moving.

High Intensity Madness

Non-Member: $27

Member: FREE

Want to take your fitness up to the next level? Enjoy 20 different High Intensity workouts with minimal equipment. These workouts can be done anywhere!

100 Squat Challenge

Price: Donations (Starts Oct 2021)

Ski and Snowboard season is right around the corner, which means it's time to start building up those legs to handle long days on the slopes. Are you ready to slash some pow?

Core Challenge

Price: $17 (Starts Jan 4)

Over the next 14 days, build up your core strength and endurance with this Core Challenge.

Wellness Programs

These programs are part of our specialty series, and go much deeper into each topic. Members receive discounts on each program.

Keto Restore

Non-Member: $47

Member: $23.50

Learn how to use ketones for energy and health. While not every diet is perfect for everyone, we all do utilize ketones at some point to regulate energy. Our efficiency at being able to switch between burning fat and carbohydrates for fuel can always be improved.