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Get Your Legs Ready For Winter

With Winter fast approaching, it is time to get the legs in shape for winter sports! From November 1-30 the goal will be to do 100 squats each and every day to build up your leg strength and endurance.

Here is the kicker, instead of just normal boring old squats, we will have 30 different ways to squat, with a new way each and every single day. 

The body is designed to move in a lot of different motions, and as you know from skiing or snowboarding, your knees are never perfectly lined up behind your toes. This challenge will:

Build Leg Strength and Increase Endurance

Often times the Ski Season sneaks up on us, and when the snow starts to fall we think we can go from 0 to Pow in 1 chairlift. However, if you haven't prepared for the season, and you go hard out of the gate, that can lead to some nasty season-ending injuries you want to avoid.

Reduce Injuries and Learn New Ways to Train

Your body is never in perfect alignment while riding down a hill. Sometimes there is a hidden rock underneath the snow (sharks) that bounces you out of your rhythm. Other times someone cuts you off and you have to make a fast transition. That means we need to train the body to be ready for anything.

Support the Northwest Avalanche Center

Every year people go into the backcountry, and haven't learned how to read the snow, or forgot to look at avalanche forecasts. The Northwest Avalanche Center does a phenomenal job providing education, forecasts, and more, so all profits will be donated directly to NWAC (last year we raised $1478!)

So not only do you get to build up your own endurance and strength, but your donations will be helping an organization that can help save lives in the backcountry.

This challenge will be accessible for anyone who wants to join, and you can choose how much you wish to donate. All profits will go to support NWAC.

Our Goal is to Raise $2200 for NWAC

Last Year Final Amount: $2127

/$2200 Raised

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New This Year!

1 Donor Will Win a Tier 1 Access to A Comprehensive Guide to Avalanche Safety

The course is taught by Mtn Sense IMFGA Mountain Guide Mark Smiley